Um, that’s not hair conditioner honey

My husband has been having some dry hair issues lately, so he’s been trying some of my hair products.  Since I have a beauty supply store under my sink, he has quite an assortment to choose from.

jergensnaturalglowjpg-1326534be85dfe9f_medium 1-31-15When I was taking a shower today I noticed some Jergen’s Natural Glow self-tanner in the shower.  I’m like WTF!?!?!? Apparently hubby just saw the word moisturizer and thought it was ok to use. I got a good early morning chuckle out of that one.

3 thoughts on “Um, that’s not hair conditioner honey

  1. Ha ha love it! Reminds me of a time when we were younger. We visited family, and after a ‘little’ tipple (she’s not a drinker at all usually!) my mum n aunt were washing dishes. They were finding it really hard to get the washing up liquid to froth up. Anyhow, the next morning, mum woke with a thumping headache (hangover anyone?!). My aunt called to see how she was. She explained the reason for the headache ( my cousin thought it would be a giggle to double up the measure of spirits in their drinks!) and they had been washing up with hand lotion instead of washing up liquid!

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