Youth is not wasted on the young

Great thoughts! Thanks for sharing.


Maybe childhood wasn’t as warm and fuzzy as we remember, or portrayed in movies and on TV…but it had its moments.

  • Saturday morning meant cartoons – not hours of commercials interspersed with cartoons.

  • At supper, I heard about children starving in various countries. I was more than willing to give them all my peas.

  • Avoiding cracks so you didn’t break your Mom’s back. When my Mom says her back hurts, I get a twinge of guilt.

  • Going downtown was something exciting, not scary.

  • Hide and seek until the street lights came on, running home as fast as possible with a breathless ‘see ya tomorrow’ to your friends.


  • Early to bed, early to rise, early to appointments, early to parties, early to finish your schoolwork early so you can watch TV. Life had a rhythm, and it was an early rhythm.

  • Christmas was celebrated in a few days, not months.  

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