Legos for beauty advice aimed at young girls??

This is wrong on so many levels.


Girl with legos

Article from Hello

mm lego portrait

Leggo girls

Why would a toy aimed at 6 – 12 year old girls be aimed at beauty advice and what girls should look like? Don’t they get enough stereotypes in the movies, tv, internet and everywhere else? I found this article on my Facebook newsfeed. It really is appalling. Funny the boy Legos don’t give brawn advice. Why a separate Legos for girls? They don’t want to build buildings and machines? Only their faces?? What next? Botox Barbie?? To my mind there is just too much emphasis on girls and looks. Why is a 6 – 12 year old girl being targeted? I see this on a lot more than this toy. It just seems to be a trend to sexify young girls as early as possible. I hope parents really think about the toys they buy their girls. It is fine to buy a doll…

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