The New Curvy Barbie

Curvey Barbie-rather-launch-2First off, way to go Mattel.  You finally got with the times and created three new Barbie body styles. Now Barbie and I have a lot in common, okay we are the same age and have blonde hair.  That’s about it.  I was listening to National Public Radio on my way to work this morning, and the discussion was about the new Curvy Barbie.  Turns out that curvy Barbie would be a size 8! WTF!!! Apparently a size 8 is considered a plus size in the fashion industry.

Here is an except from a Cosmopolitan article I found about this:

According to the CDC, the average American woman is a size 14, and yet the dominant sizes in the industry are 0, 2, and 4. At size 8, the plus-size models are considerably smaller than the average American women, and if that isn’t indicative of how delusional we are about what the majority of woman’s bodies look like, I don’t know what is. Teens and young adults between the ages of 12 and 26 make up 95 percent of those who have eating disorders.

Honestly, what kind of message are we sending our young women that a size 8 is plus size? The last time I was a size 8, I was in my 20’s.  If I were a size 8 now, I would look ill.  I like having some curves. We get bombarded with so many unrealistic expectations of what we should look like as women.

I find it amusing that fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld said Adele was too fat to wear his designs. She looks beautiful in whatever she has on. He’s a freaky old man with a ponytail and dark glasses.



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