Blogging 101 – annie’s beauty… Tricks & Tips

Lots of good info here. Thanks Annie.

Mami și Zâna

It’s been over two years since I first started blogging! I was as fresh and raw as a green apple in the apple tree! I knew nothing about it… About cameras and their features, about SEO, domains, statistics, broken links, media kits and whatnot… Everything I’ve learned, I’ve learned on my own, observing other blogs, and “stealing” their methods, adapting them to my own needs!

Today I want to share what I’ve learned this far with you and hopefully you’ll find this useful! 

[TAKE NOTE! I’m no pro, these are only suggestions based on my own experience, to be followed if/when wanted/needed! ]

So, let’s see! tricks and tips for improving your blog…

1) STOP asking people to follow your blog! Nobody wants to be forced into doing anything! This community is supportive especially with new bloggers anyway, so there’s no need to ask for more support…

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