The dirty deplorables: Who’s who on Trump’s team | Grist — O LADO ESCURO DA LUA-A very scary group!

via The dirty deplorables: Who’s who on Trump’s team | Grist — O LADO ESCURO DA LUA

Can I just say these people scare the living crap out of me, and I would like to think I’m a badass. Never in our history have we had such an incompetent group in our cabinet positions.  They don’t care about the American people, they only want to push their agendas down our throats, and make a boatload of money in the process. Oh, and destroy the planet in the process.


24 thoughts on “The dirty deplorables: Who’s who on Trump’s team | Grist — O LADO ESCURO DA LUA-A very scary group!

  1. I agree. Ron and I were talking about this over lunch. Seems Trump is delighting in appointing people to head agencies who despise the very agencies they will head. He seems to be gloating over destroying the departments of government by putting people in charge of those agencies who stand to benefit from the agencies being weakened and destroyed. Talk about being self serving. I am afraid for the country. We now need to worry more about food safety, drug safety, health care, clean water, clean air, workers safety rules. So much more. By the way, did you see the ruling by the homophobic Justice Josephine Linker Hart to deny automatically putting both parents on a child’s birth certificate if the parents are in a same sex marriage. The ruling seeks to make same sex marriages less than opposite sex marriages. This is an attempt to make same sex marriages as useless as possible. The justice claims that the state has an interest in putting only biological parents on the certificate, yet if a straight couple uses a donor sperm, meaning the male husband doesn’t have a biological connection to the child, they still automatically put the husband on the certificate as the father. Not so with same sex couples. Same sex couples need to sue, go to court. Again the attempt to make one marriage mean a lot more than another marriage. I am so discouraged today. I am so upset. I just don’t understand why the bigotry, why the hatred for something that affects no one but the people involved. If someone can explain it to me to me or has words to help make me feel better, I thank you. Hugs

  2. They wont destroy the planet because they would destroy themselves too. As for pushing their own agenda all politicians do it. They will only stay one term. In the end they may a blessing in disguise because after having made such a huge mistake American voters may become wiser and be more careful with regard whom they vote. In my view the worst aspect of American politics is that those aspiring to be presidents are all very rich and well connected. Ordinary people have no chance. It’s very similar to having a series of dynasties ruling the country. It’s not democracy, meritocracy and equality but oligarchic elitism.

      • Well if he is whittling down women’s rights he is asking for big trouble. Women are much more powerful than men. They have survived the tyranny and bullying of men for thousands of years and brought forward human civilization with their devotion to the family and children. Therefore they will definitely kick out Trump and his cronies with solid kicks in their backsides if they go too far. Moreover religion is a very touchy and dangerous subject to mess about with. Its seems that Trump’s government is asking for a lot of trouble. Somewhat his presidency reminds me of Bush who started the mayhem in the Middle East thinking that he was some sort of God’s messenger. Trump is doomed due to his stupidity. America needs another Jimmy Carter. When he was president people and the media regarded him as the worst president of modern America while I kept saying that he was the best. I was proved right. He even got a well deserved Nobel prize.

      • This republicans have shut down Planned Parenthoods all over the U.S. In rural areas this is the only medical care that is available. The asspipe governor here in Wisconsin made it his mission to shut most of the Planned Parenthoods down. It’s disgusting. The clowns don’t want women to have access to safe abortions, yet also don’t want to have access to pregnancy prevention either. You can’t have it both ways. I loved Jimmy Carter.

    • No kidding! It’s gets worse every day. Our local democratic party sent me an email about running for office. I am seriously considering. Many things do happen at the local level. Trump was spot on when he said he loves the uneducated.

      • Madness… Maybe he can appoint Ronald McDonald as FDA head because he can stop the ham burgler…

      • I love it! I think you should run for office. Sadly the democrats forget how powerful state offices can be. School Boards are critical in setting what information our youth get and that shapes their worldview. Be well. Hugs

      • I agree. You would be grand on a school board. It would be so great for the school district you represent and the children who go to those schools. Hugs

      • Oh a grand thing to do. I wish someone would have given me such a class in my late teens. I had to learn how to manage money and keep a checkbook and stuff when I went into the military.. and they punished any over draw, so we learned how to manage our bank accounts quickly. Thanks for the future kids. Hugs

      • I tell every class that I wish I had had this type of class also. I’ve always been good with money, but I could have been so much better. I know it’s hard for kids to relate to someone who is their parent’s age, but sometimes it takes someone other than their parents to clue them in. Each class does an instructor survey at the end, I really enjoy the positive feedback. So far 99% of the kids said the class has changed how they will handle their money going forward! Winner winner, chicken dinner!

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