Amazon customers – SCAM WARNING… — S C Richmond

Originally posted on Chris The Story Reading Ape’s Blog: From The Mail Online Amazon customers are warned of a scam email that aims to get their bank card details: Here’s how to stay safe. Thousands of fake emails have been sent to Amazon customers The emails claim that there has been a problem with…

via Amazon customers – SCAM WARNING… — S C Richmond

4 thoughts on “Amazon customers – SCAM WARNING… — S C Richmond

  1. Yes I read it. However if I had received such an email I would have immediately contacted amazon via chat asking them directly what was the problem. It’s important that people become more careful with the internet because it’s full of crooks. The reason why they thrive is because there are many gullible people. For instance just a couple of weeks ago a British woman reported to the police that a man in Turkey pretending to be in love with her had managed to get from her 300 thousands pounds over a period of time making her bankrupt. And she is not the only one who has fallen in such trap. How can one be so stupid and naïve? It’s beyond my comprehension.

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