Should Trump Disclose His Conflicts of Interest? — Diane Ravitch’s blog

I think he should. If he doesn’t, how will we know if his decisions are made for the nation or to fatten his bank account? A friend sent this note: “If you want to support Senator Warren’s request to audit President-Elect Trump’s finances for conflicts of interest, the woman who answered the phone […]

via Should Trump Disclose His Conflicts of Interest? — Diane Ravitch’s blog

15 thoughts on “Should Trump Disclose His Conflicts of Interest? — Diane Ravitch’s blog

  1. Sadly he has repeatedly shown he is not influenced by what is normal government procedures, nor what others would be worried about. He simply is so narcissistic he thinks he is above it all. You have to realize he has been that way all his life, he has the “The Affluenza Defense”! He has been wealthy all his life. His daddy bailed him out of every problem. He has never been made to be accountable and so he doesn’t think he has to be….EVER. The saddest thing is this was well known in the election but poor people choose to not believe it , thaning a spoiled rich boy would be their best friend in office. Now that he has chosen all the wealthiest people he knows to be in cabinet positions, I wonder how those trailer dwelling $ 20,000 a year people feel? Do they even see how they were played. Do the elderly that fought so hard for him because he was against the “colored” people still support him now that Ryan is trying to end their social security? Or do they even know. Hugs

  2. If trump has actually filed taxes, doesn’t the IRS have those records? And if so, can’t we request them to be released from the IRS? BEFORE, that is, the fascist powers take over and no one can do anything that they don’t want us to do?

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