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Great info!

Since deciding to self-publish my novel, Love, Lies & Clones, I scoured the internet and obsessed over every “My First 30 Days of Self-Publishing” post; intrigued by everyone’s experience. All of them were slightly disappointing and had the same theme. How do you find readers? Well, I thought I’d throw mine out into cyber-space too […]

via Lessons Learned; First 30 Days of Self-Publishing — Joynell Schultz — Arrowhead Freelance and Publishing

Ewww! Could this little worm be any creepier????

I’m guessing someone didn’t get enough hugs growing up.

A few hours ago I could not have told you who Stephen Miller is. Now I can tell you he’s the jaw-droppingly officious little jerk who made the above assertion on Face the Nation yesterday. If you prefer not to watch videos, let me quote: Our opponents, the media and the whole world will soon see, […]

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