Ewww! Could this little worm be any creepier????

I’m guessing someone didn’t get enough hugs growing up.

A few hours ago I could not have told you who Stephen Miller is. Now I can tell you he’s the jaw-droppingly officious little jerk who made the above assertion on Face the Nation yesterday. If you prefer not to watch videos, let me quote: Our opponents, the media and the whole world will soon see, […]

via ‘The powers of the president … will not be questioned’ — Pied Type

25 thoughts on “Ewww! Could this little worm be any creepier????

  1. Oh, my word…… * speechless * though I’ve actually read about this somewhere…. but to see that on video , and coming from this creep’s mouth…… * runs away *

  2. Think he was the unpopular guy in school that got beat up a lot. Now he is covered by the big guy and thinks he can mouth off as he likes? Kugs

  3. He’s a tRump droid programmed and energized by the orange goo that oozes from tRump’s skin. Can’t wait to see what SNL does with this idiot. He should have had a Nazi flag behind him while he was speaking.

  4. I’m just ready for the whole house to be impeached.. this is like a nightmare staring Dumber and Dumber.. and Liar, Liar..

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