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Ha ha! Cheeto Jesus you suck!

Originally posted on M’chelsMusings: ? ? you take a drink everytime someone lies; Trump, Spicer, Kelly what’s her name… and #TrumpsTroglodytes and please have a designated breath checker to ensure you’re still breathing!!

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Equating bad polls with fake news, Trump further inflates his surrealistic bubble Guess Who Really Likes Gnathonics? Definition of gnathonic PRONUNCIATION: (na-THON-ik) MEANING: adjective: Sycophantic ETYMOLOGY: From Gnatho, a sycophant in the comedy Eunuchus (The Eunuch) by the Roman playwright Terence, written in 161 BCE. The name is coined from the Greek word gnathos (jaw). […]

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California Brexit? Holy crap!

Donald Trump is threatening to cut funding to California. Brietbart News editor, and professional asshole Milo Yiannopoulos was scheduled to speak about federal funding to UC campuses. A peaceful group of students assembled to protest the decision to give Yiannopoulos a platform, but the protest became when 100 outside agitators arrived, setting fires and causing […]

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