9 thoughts on “This sums up Trump perfectly!

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    I thank who ever put this together. I wish it was not true, but sadly it is very much a statement of what we have done and what we face now. IF this doesn’t scare you, if it doesn’t get you to withdraw any support you may have had for tRump then nothing can reach you. Think of this, we punish our children for acting as tRump and his people have acted. Why do we let them do something we won’t let our children do. IF we are ashamed when our children do it, how much more shaming is it that the administration does it and then brags about doing it. Even their apologies mean nothing as they go back to do the same thing they got caught at the first time. I have no patience for any of them. I can’t respect them. They took a position and jobs that were respected around the world and made them mockeries. Now I mock them. When we get people we can respect back into the white house and the administration, then I will give them the respect they are due, not until. What these are due is to show real regret for the harm they have done the country. Hugs

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