California Brexit? Holy crap!

Donald Trump is threatening to cut funding to California. Brietbart News editor, and professional asshole Milo Yiannopoulos was scheduled to speak about federal funding to UC campuses. A peaceful group of students assembled to protest the decision to give Yiannopoulos a platform, but the protest became when 100 outside agitators arrived, setting fires and causing […]

via Trump Threatens to Cut Federal Funding to California — A lot from Lydia

16 thoughts on “California Brexit? Holy crap!

  1. Let’s say if California left the union it would be a huge hit on the economy of the USA and would mean importing much of our entertainment. I have a feeling they would do it.

  2. I would love to see California leave the United States. Besides being host to multiple military bases, home to Silicon Valley and Hollywood, and a big producer of cheese, produce and beef, California is one of the few states that give more to the Federal government (through taxes and fees) than what’s received in Federal funding and aiding. Of course, it becomes complex once you figure out how much is due to the defense industry and those bases, and how that would change the equation.

    All I ask is that, if California leaves, please take Oregon with them. Come on, we go together like wine and cheese.


  3. I left this comment on Lydia’s blog.
    I recently seen some of this protest and the responsibility of the school on this website. IN one of the comments some one replyed to me I should look up the “Black Bloc”. What I found startled me. I had no idea this faction was out there causing this much trouble just for the “fun” of creating chaos. If California does split off, which I think is slim, I hope they have a kind inauguration policy as I would move to live under that style of progressive standards. Hugs

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