Toppik Colored Hair Thickener Review

Happy Saturday! I recently did a review on Toppik hair fibers. This spray is way better.  Toppik Colored Hair Thickener was purchased at Ulta for $19.99, I paid $12 due to coupons and rewards points.  I purchased light brown.  I already have the Toppik hair fibers in medium blonde, but the light brown works much better.

My hair is naturally dark blonde, but as I’ve gotten older, the gray hair has been coming in with a vengeance. I can go months before coloring my whole head.  I use to pay a ton of money to have my hair colored, but have found doing it myself works well. I use a root touch up by Clairol, but lately it just doesn’t seem to last.  This spray is awesome. A quick spray after I’ve styled my hair, and the gray is gone. It is a bit dull, and you may want to use a shine spray afterwards.

I haven’t colored my hair for over six weeks, and I’m loving this spray. My hair is thinning on the sides, and this is a great product to address that. I also have a funky cowlick on the back of my head.  Sometimes you see it, sometimes you don’t.  When you can see it, this product covers it nicely. There are only three colors, but the light brown works well on blonde hair.


Here are a few photos.

My selfie skills suck, but I’m old. This product is very natural looking, and it does thicken your hair.  It easily washes out.

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6 thoughts on “Toppik Colored Hair Thickener Review

  1. This sounds really interesting! I have been trying to grow out my roots for ages because i realized i don’t want to have to maintain my jet black hair forever so hopefully i can find it in black to temporarily hide my roots.

      • I saw black on their webpage so that might be something coming to stores soon! 🙂 my natural color is a very gray-ish light brown so maybe dark brown could be a good middle ground.

      • Grayish? You are too young to have gray hair. I’ve had a gray streak on the right side of my head for years. I’m 58 now and well, I have a lot of gray. If you can buy it in a store and try it out. I always have good luck with Ulta if I need to return anything. You can also buy colored mousse for our roots as well. I’ve used that in the past and had good luck. Sally Beauty is a good place to get the colored mousse.

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