Defining Trump-Does he threaten our democracy?

This is a great read.  Lots of good points.

By Jason Taylor The media and Trump are predictably strange bedfellows. Trump could not have been elected without the relentless and obsessive reportage the fifth estate has so generously given to him. That said, the extradition yesterday of politically corrupt Ukrainian billionaire Dmytro Firtash, who is complicit in the shadowy events of Trump’s campaign, will […]

via Defining Trump: The Real Question Is Does He Threaten Our Democracy? — Eat Pray Vote

4 thoughts on “Defining Trump-Does he threaten our democracy?

  1. Yes this is bad. However what angered me was the news outlets desperately trying to find equivalency between Hillary and tRump during the campaign. Everything horrible he did they tried to balance with “emails”. However now I support the mainstream media as much as possible. We need a free and open press to investigate the administration. His actions have gone from frustrating to scary to illegal and scary. Hugs

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