July 4th-It’s only Tuesday!

For the past few years I’ve posted July 4th nail art.  This year is different. While I didn’t intentionally paint my nails these colors for July 4th, this is how I feel. The blue tips are for me being disgusted with what is happening in the United States, and I’m blue. The flat pink is for Pepto Bismol, which is an antacid reliever, as I feel sick to my stomach.  I wanted to celebrate independence day, but with the way things are going in the United States, I’m not sure how much longer we will be independent.

Pepto Bismol

We have a juvenile numb nuts for president who is clearly mentally unstable.  If he doesn’t like what is said about him in the media (which is a lot) he shouts fake news! His die hard followers believe whatever he spews forth.  I really want to believe that all of his supporters can’t be that stupid, but one really has to wonder.  Wake the f*&k up my fellows Americans, before this jackass takes us any farther down the rabbit hole.

July 4 2017 Mani

July 4 2017 -1

19 thoughts on “July 4th-It’s only Tuesday!

  1. Love the nails and the comments. I agree with your assessment of POTUS45. But, I truly think he knows what he is doing. He is the slick, diversionary tactic for all that is happening behind the scenes. When was the last time you saw Pence or Bannon in the news? Those are the guys we need to monitor and control.

  2. Hahahaha… miss condessa… you have me lmao 😂..

    But I’m in total agreement with you..
    can people be so blinded .. that they can’t see what he’s all about..

    Anyways happy fourth regardless..

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