Oh snap, dumb ass Trump!

When Donald Trump visited the French leader, he lied about the cause of his problems at home, defended his bimbo eldest son for conspiring with Russian emissaries to throw the presidential election, and made condescending remarks to the foreign leader’s wife about her appearance. Then he went to dinner, at no less than the very […]

via Well played, Mr. Macron — THE SHINBONE STAR

9 thoughts on “Oh snap, dumb ass Trump!

  1. As a political junkie for the last 25 years or so, I have never seen a time where there is so much publicized and media-enhanced hate for a sitting President. Did I like President Obama’s policies? Not at all, but I didn’t spend every minute of every day whinng about it and plotting his impeachment. And unfortunately, during the last administration, there were many opportunities, but the Repubicans and the media had no interest in persuing them. Personally, while he has his flaws (as do we all) I am pleased to see someone with what I consider common sense, who doesn’t plan what he says based on focus groups and who is using his business experience, including his bravado to Make America Great Again. Nothing to apologize for and if I could survive 8 years of President Obama, you too will survive the term (s) of President Trump. I promise.

  2. I’m so disturbed by the current administration and their platform. I can’t even follow it anymore, I was obsessed at first. It all just hurts my head. I keep thinking at some point somebody will be heald accountable, but no.

  3. It’s embarrassing. I’m trying to grow my garden and send out positive vibes. One of my ooems, though, speaks to this current political climate. Behold: The President. It’s about one if the biggest sequoia trees and more….

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