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Keith Olbermann, #113 …. ““😱 What Drumf’s Trip to Texas Revealed …. Instead of a Soul …. Open Sore …. 😱…. “!! — It Is What It Is


I never thought I could despise someone as much as I do this president. The good people of Texas are suffering through a disaster, and all this clown can think of is how big the crowd is! GO THE F*&K AWAY YOU FLIPPING MORON!



~~August 29, 2017~~ TRIP BENEATH CONTEMPT At a time when all efforts are focused on rescue, this visit was a total distraction. It was also an opportunistic event to turn this visit into a campaign rally and a self-serving activity. After mindless tweets, the transgender ban and the Arpaio pardon, Drumpf decides it’s time to […]

via Keith Olbermann, #113 …. ““😱 What Drumf’s Trip to Texas Revealed …. Instead of a Soul …. Open Sore …. 😱…. “!! — It Is What It Is

Oh snap, dumb ass Trump!

When Donald Trump visited the French leader, he lied about the cause of his problems at home, defended his bimbo eldest son for conspiring with Russian emissaries to throw the presidential election, and made condescending remarks to the foreign leader’s wife about her appearance. Then he went to dinner, at no less than the very […]

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What’s your email address again????

So I’m having the Monday from hell at work.  I have a great job, but was having computer issues the entire day.

This involved several phone calls, and running back and forth to my co-worker’s office trying to get things figured out. I apologized several times to the technical person I was dealing with on the phone because of my “colorful” language.  She laughed, but I was beyond frustrated that things were not working out.

Finally by the end of the day, the problem was solved.  I started working on the payroll, when I got an email from an employee with a question.  I responded to his question, then asked him to send me his timesheet.

His response? “What’s your email address?” What?   My response was ” Oh, I don’t know maybe the email address you just used?” Didn’t you just send me two emails you flipping dumb ass??? It was a lovely ending to a very stressful day.  I think my co-workers could hear me laughing George_Painting 6-8-15from the parking lot!