What’s your email address again????

So I’m having the Monday from hell at work.  I have a great job, but was having computer issues the entire day.

This involved several phone calls, and running back and forth to my co-worker’s office trying to get things figured out. I apologized several times to the technical person I was dealing with on the phone because of my “colorful” language.  She laughed, but I was beyond frustrated that things were not working out.

Finally by the end of the day, the problem was solved.  I started working on the payroll, when I got an email from an employee with a question.  I responded to his question, then asked him to send me his timesheet.

His response? “What’s your email address?” What?   My response was ” Oh, I don’t know maybe the email address you just used?” Didn’t you just send me two emails you flipping dumb ass??? It was a lovely ending to a very stressful day.  I think my co-workers could hear me laughing George_Painting 6-8-15from the parking lot!

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