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The Fitness Motivation

Here are some great motivational tips for exercising! Enjoy!

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Just because summer has made it’s presence felt with all the heat and humidity that makes us sweat profusely, does not mean that we should stop sweating it out, I mean working out. Summer really makes me lazy, I just don’t feel like moving anywhere, leave alone working out. I make excuses some time, but really feel guilty for skipping the work out sessions later. Do you people feel the same thing like me? If yes, then I guess you also need a bit of motivation just like me.

So, here I present to you some of my favorite workout motivational quotes, that instantly inspires me, so that I avoid making excuses and start taking action. Have a glance.

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Art Deco Dragon fly Brooch

I love my local jewelry store called Dan’s L&L Fine Jewlery  They have new and used jewelry.  The selection is outstanding and bargains galore.  I just picked up this dragonfly brooch today.  It’s from the 1920’s and is sterling silver with garnets.  When I held it up to the light, I noticed the garnets are different colors. It has marcasite as well.  And it was a whopping $21!  The saleslady said it came from an estate sale.  I love vintage jewelry especially at these prices!Dragon fly pin- 6-20-15-2 Dragon fly pin- 6-20-15-3