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How to Deter Burglars, Thieves, and 16-Year-Olds

OMG! This is too flipping funny! Happy Monday!

Life in the Boomer Lane


Life in the Boomer Lane would be lying to you if she were to tell you that personal security has not been on her mind.  This is because a gun store is scheduled to open in LBL’s hitherto touchie feelie, peace-loving neighborhood and LBL feels completely mystified and out of the loop, when considering the thought of citizens lined up to purchase firearms for self-protection.

LBL assumes that many people buy guns because it gives them a sense of security against marauders, in much the same way as having an alarm system or a large, surly dog on one’s premises. Unlike alarm systems, large surly dogs and guns can both get out of hand, causing non-marauders a lot of harm. And, unlike alarm systems and large surly dogs, guns are often stored in shoe boxes in the back of high shelves, providing marauders time to carry out most of…

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What’s your email address again????

So I’m having the Monday from hell at work.  I have a great job, but was having computer issues the entire day.

This involved several phone calls, and running back and forth to my co-worker’s office trying to get things figured out. I apologized several times to the technical person I was dealing with on the phone because of my “colorful” language.  She laughed, but I was beyond frustrated that things were not working out.

Finally by the end of the day, the problem was solved.  I started working on the payroll, when I got an email from an employee with a question.  I responded to his question, then asked him to send me his timesheet.

His response? “What’s your email address?” What?   My response was ” Oh, I don’t know maybe the email address you just used?” Didn’t you just send me two emails you flipping dumb ass??? It was a lovely ending to a very stressful day.  I think my co-workers could hear me laughing George_Painting 6-8-15from the parking lot!

10 Amazing Aerial Highlights from the 2015 Nat Geo Traveler Photo Contest

These are some amazing photos! Thanks for sharing!


*Last Call for Entries! Contest closes June 30*

The 27th annual National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest kicked off April 7. Official categories include: Travel Portraits; Outdoor Scenes; Sense of Place; and Spontaneous Moments.

Our friends at National Geographic were kind enough to let us share another gallery of stand-out submissions already received, this time focused on aerial photographs taken from helicopters, airplanes and even with drones. Contest prizes include:

1st prize: An eight-day National Geographic Photo Expedition: Costa Rica and the Panama Canal with airfare for two
2nd prize: A six-day National Geographic Photo Expedition: Winter Wildlife in Yellowstone for two
3rd prize: A six-day cruise from Schooner American Eagle and Heritage for two
7 merit prize winners will receive: A $200 gift certificate to B&H Photo

Click here to submit your own photo to the 2015 National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest.



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Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award

Thank you so much Gale! Wow, I’m in great company. Keep up the great blog!


sisterhood of the world blogger award

Thank you, my friend, for nominating me for this award. It means a lot to me. In a world where women are treated sometimes no better than the dog or the new radio, we are lucky in the West. I am grateful for all the sisters who went before. Those who suffered greatly so we can read, write, own property, control our own bodies and destinies. We owe them greatly. I try to repay it by working for Women’s causes and speaking out. My Facebook page, Women Friends promotes achievements by women and women’s issues. I use the gift of being able to write to write poetry some you can find on my page dealing with women who are in abusive relationships. I value my women friends and stand with them against anyone that bullies anyone else. I am honored with this award.

I nominate seven friends that I…

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