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Life Less Complicated

Great post! There is nothing worse than being in a job you despise. You really have to double down and find a better fitting position. I was miserable in my last job. I looked for months to get the hell out of there. I found a great new job on Craigslist of all places. I actually enjoy going to work now, and love the culture of my new employer.

Are You On Clearance?

I’ll never be on clearance, as I try to avoid people who are negative. They do suck the life out of a room.

Orlando Espinosa

How many of you spend your days listening to other people’s perception of you, whether they’re friends, family or colleagues who devote their efforts trying to devalue your talents/gifts?

Too often people bask in this sea of negativity and try to figure out why their life is mediocre or unfulfilling.

Have you ever wondered why? Could it be their insecurities or your own?

Maybe the reason why people devalue you is because you’ve placed yourself on the clearance rack?

Your price tag has been marked down and you’ve become the bargain basement special.

There has to come a point in your life when your own self-worth shouldn’t be determined by others, but by yourself.

If the value you place on yourself is small, rest assured the world will not raise your price.

Orlando Espinosa

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Premio Dardos Award – Value Added to Blogging World

Thank you so much for the nomination Joycellin at I’m honored to be included on your list. I’m in the presence of some great bloggers, thanks again.

Tribalmystic Stories

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At the end of April I was nominated by the lovely Lisa W Tetting for the Premio Dardos Award. I was ill at that time and was unable to write a post about it. I am now catching up on some of those writing that needs to be done and I would like to thank you very much Lisa for nominating my blog for this award. I am deeply honoured that you are of the opinion I have added value to the blogging world.

Please visit Lisa’s blog, Rebirth of Lisa.

Since Lisa’s nomination, I have also been nominated for other blog awards. I will respond to your nominations in the next two weeks between my regular posts.

What is Premio Dardos Award?

The Premio Dardos Award acknowledges the values that every blogger shows in their effort to transmit cultural, ethical, literary, and personal values every day.  As per Lisa’s words, these stamps were…

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