Life Less Complicated

Great post! There is nothing worse than being in a job you despise. You really have to double down and find a better fitting position. I was miserable in my last job. I looked for months to get the hell out of there. I found a great new job on Craigslist of all places. I actually enjoy going to work now, and love the culture of my new employer.

Becoming a Minimalist

Are you working at a job you hate? Does the stress overwhelm you to the point you find it hard to breathe?

How did you get to this?

Sometimes we just need a job, any job to maintain our lifestyle or maybe we entered into it thinking it was going to be great, then reality set in. Maybe you’re trapped by your experience because you specialized and now you’re burned out. What can you do?

*Take chances
Granted, most of us have to have a paycheck to survive but we can apply for jobs that are outside the box.

*Take less money
Money can’t buy happiness. If taking a job that makes less money means you’ll also be happier with less stress and anxiety then think seriously about doing it.

*Forget about status
Who gives a crap about titles or social circles if you are miserable? Leave the BS behind…

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