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Buying Wigs-101

Happy Sunday! I’ve been on a wig buying kick recently. I posted this wig review a few weeks back and have fallen in love with fake hair.  My own hair is okay, but as I’ve gotten older, it’s getting thin, frizzy, basically blech to me.  While I’m fortunate to have all of my own hair, it’s fun to switch things up.

I’ve been doing a lot of research online about in the ins and outs of wigs. It’s amazing what you can learn on YouTube!

The wigs I purchased a few weeks ago ended up being great, but I was unable to try them on before hand.  I wouldn’t recommend this.  They were super cheap at $9.99 each, so I thought what the heck. Wigs are generally non returnable.

Here is what I’ve learned.  You have to try them on.  The mannequin heads are about 75% smaller than the normal head (or I have an abnormally large head). Looking at the wig heads the wigs looked great, once on they were too short.  Looking in the mirror is one thing, taking a selfie with the wig on, a whole other ballgame.  I think you can really see how the wig looks by taking a selfie. A lady who was trying on wigs next to me told me she had over 100 wigs! They really are an inexpensive way to change up your look.

You don’t have to spend a big bucks for a nice wig either.  Here is a human hair blend wig that was only $25!

Brown wig 9-10-17-me

When I looked in the mirror, I didn’t really care for it, but I love how it looks in the photo. I didn’t buy it, as I was looking for a more blonde color.

You don’t want a wig that is too shiny. Most inexpensive wigs are synthetic, but you can use heat on them.  If you find a super shiny wig that you love, use dry shampoo to dull it. Lace front wigs are great if you wear your hair off of your face,as the hair does look like it’s growing from your scalp.  I go for bangs as I have a big forehead.

Best place to buy wigs?  Find beauty supply stores in your town. I could have stayed in this store for hours.  They had great prices on hair care, make up, jewelry, clothing.  I bought something that sells for $7 at Sally Beauty, and I paid $2.79 for the exact item.

Sally Beauty has a few hair pieces, but not full wigs.  I live out in the suburbs, and the only wig shop close by is over priced and the staff was rude. I asked a former co-worker for suggestions.  She wore her hair different every day, and always looked fabulous. She gave me some great stores to check out. I took my husband along who ended up being very helpful, as in “does this make me look stupid?”

I have to say when looking at wigs online, the sites that cater to African American women have great prices.  I don’t need a name brand wig, nor does it have to be human hair.  Synthetic wigs have come a long way.  I’ve seen wigs online for over $400 for synthetic hair.  I’m not looking for everyday wigs either. I’m just wearing mine on the weekends.

I bought a few wigs on Ebay.  They are going back, as the color was not what was pictured. Now they were cheap, only $13 each (which should have been my first clue), but after watching YouTube videos on how to make a cheap wig look good, I gave it a try.

Here are the ones I ended up buying.  They are both pretty much the same style, just slightly different colors. Wig on the left was $22, and the right $20! I bought wig caps, but they made the wigs slip.  I think they look pretty good.

These wigs are both adjustable, and have realistic looking scalps. I may buy some wig clips and sew them in, just to make them more secure.

I tried these on, but took a pass.

I thought the one on the left looked good, that was until I saw a picture of myself.  A little too short for me.  The wig on the right was super fun, but it was $30, so I passed.

Many YouTubers said it’s difficult to wear a wig right out of the box, and often times you need to cut it.  I was pleasantly surprised that both wigs didn’t need any adjusting.

I liked my new wigs so much, I wore one for our evening out.

Wig dark blonde 9-16-17 outside

Tags for both wigs and some free wig spray for buying the last one.

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40th High School Reunion-didn’t go!

Mine is this weekend in my hometown of Indianapolis.  I was planning on going, but I injured my knee, and after having surgery, it’s still not right.  My graduating class was over 1300. I sat in the last row for the ceremony, and it took forever.  Being the rebel that I am, I had a squirt gun.  Not just any squirt gun mind you, but a Green Avenger.

Green Avenger squirt gun 9-9-17

This squirt gun hid easily under my gown. It could squirt over 20 feet, and it resembled a set of brass knuckles.  I graduated in 1977, and really didn’t like high school.  I was lucky that I had a lot of friends, but never felt like I really fit in.  I went to a very wealthy high school where many of the kids drove brand new, expensive cars.  I drove a 1963 Chevy pick up truck, flat black, step side, long bed. I wore a cowboy hat. I do believe I started the trend in my high school of girls wearing cowboy hats. My cowboy hat was all leather. I’m from Indiana, so I’m not a Southern girl by any stretch.

I’ve always been a girly girl, so yeah I’m wearing my cowboy hat with red lipstick and a skirt.  My truck was primer black, and I had a load of firewood in the back for the longest time.

My truck was super fast.  I had so much fun driving it, as it was a four speed with a Hurst shifter and 454 engine. I’ll never forget the time when I was speeding out of the school parking lot, and got pulled over.  The cop walked up to my truck, and as I was coming up with some lame excuse, he politely said “I use to own this truck, and am well aware of how fast it is.”  Turns out my brother had bought the truck from this cop, and I bought it from my brother. I would race anybody.  It was always fun to see the look on guys faces as I was smoking them at the stop light!  By a girl no less in a cowboy hat!  My one and only bumper sticker was “Capricorns are great lovers” in the back window!  You wouldn’t believe the looks I would get from people! Mind you I was living in the bible belt, and you would have thought I had a “F*&k Jesus” sticker instead.

We were told that girls had to wear a skirt under their graduation gowns, oh hell to the no!

Graduation 1977

I was wearing my favorite light blue Levi corduroys!  Did I care if it was hot as hell, no! I mean look at me, I look like goofball with my almost afro hair under my cap.  The bane of my curly head existence!

I had so much fun squirting people and seeing the looks on their faces, wondering like WTF, where did that come from! Ha! Lucky for me many of my high school classmates are Facebook friends so we still keep in touch.  Maybe I’ll show up at the 50th reunion!

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