It’s only going to get worse people!

Lucky otters haven hits it right on the head. We have an escape plan.  I think it would be a good idea for everyone to have one.  Don’t let these evil assholes destroy your life. I’m a middle class person who will do whatever I can to protect my family. Do whatever you can to get out and fast if need be.  Learn a new language, I know I am. We will up and leave if necessary.  I’m not letting that orange haired asspipe destroy my family.


So. The oligarchs got their wish last night, under cover of darkness. In secrecy and total lack of transparency, they passed a tax bill that robs the poor and middle class to further enrich the 1% and the corporations. An almost 500-page document with scribbled handwritten notes was presented to them hours before they […]

via We are at war. What do we do now? — Lucky Otters Haven

8 thoughts on “It’s only going to get worse people!

  1. I agree. Thanks for the post, I went to the web site and left a comment and reblogged the post. I am trying to learn a higher level of math so I can go into a higher level of professional career field. That way I can also immigrate if need be. The way it looks now they lower incomes and the working poor will be devastated and there seems to be no way to advance for many people. They are not only making schooling less effective by undermining science and draining resources from schools and teachers, They are making advanced education so costly no one not of an wealthy elite class could go on to higher education. They are installing a feudal class system in this country, one founded to have no class system. Hugs

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