Thanks for nothing Republicans!

If anyone thinks this new tax bill is going to create jobs they are bat shit crazy!  I’ve been paying into Social Security and Medicare for over 45 years.  There is a real possibility that I may never collect a cent!  These are not entitlements you ass pipes, we the American people pay your salaries! Do your f&*king jobs for all people, not just the 1%! Let’s hope if anything comes out of this tax bill, is that the Republicans will lose control of the house and the senate.


“The American people wanted change. We were able to deliver.” Republican Senator John Brarrasso The GOP prioritizes the wants of it’s financial contributors above the needs of American tax payers. “My donors are basically saying: ‘Get it done or don’t ever call me again’” -Republican Rep. Chris Collins “Donors are furious” -Republican Senator Cory Gardner […]

via GOP Tax Plan Passes Senate and the Wealth Gap Widens — A lot from Lydia

15 thoughts on “Thanks for nothing Republicans!

  1. Preach Sista! Preach! Those scumbag republicans are more evil than the pig in the White House! Shitbirds all—and the morons who voted for Trump—the idiots of the working class equally fucked us over!!!!

  2. If tax cuts and give backs to corporations worked Kansas would be raking in money so fast they couldn’t count it. They would be the wealthiest state in the country. The governor ( brownback ) forced through major cuts and breaks for wealthy and corporations. The economy tanked. Jobs losses were huge. The schools were closed due to lack of money. All state safety net functions stopped due to lack of money. The people / schools had to sue for enough money to stay open and the courts sided with them. The budget mess so bad that the state, many of the same people who gave the governor the original tax cuts and breaks were forced to hike taxes and fees in anyway they could. All the state’s rainy day accounts were depleted and destroyed. Kansas lost their bond ratings and now has to pay higher interest as a state when borrowing. That is what the republicans and wealthy donors are trying to do countrywide.

    Also this trickle down junk and giving tax cuts to wealthy creates jobs has been going on since Reagan’s days. He ended up swelling the debt. And where are those jobs. They never came. Bush 1 & 2 tried it, with Bush 2 going really deep with cuts for the wealthy, and where are the jobs? Not here. So we need another round of the same thing? It has been shown to fail each and every time and they still do it? Stop believing them. It is not jobs they want. It is your money, all the money. They are like snake oil salespeople. They will tell you anything and spin tales to get you to give them your money. Hugs

  3. Huge Success for Trump!!!

    Trump has successfully reduced taxes and given a massive pay hike to all the rich and wealthy and corporations – like himself!!
    Great news for the rich!!  Fabulous job!!
    Where’s the money coming from??
    Well by giving huge amounts of money to the rich the economy is stimulated! They wouldn’t dream of stashing their loot away offshore would they? They won’t spend it on themselves! They will invest it in the economy! The economy will grow and that will pay for it.
    The rich will get much richer and invest.
    Of course they will.
    So that’s good news then. The poor or middle class people won’t be donating to the wealthy will they? Public services will not have to be cut, will they? There will be no extra borrowing of a trillion or two?? And Trump, or his rich business chums and politicians, will not benefit at all, will they??
    What good news!!
    Ever feel duped???

  4. I knew this would happen. Someone told me that they wouldn’t raise taxes to avoid uproar but Trump was talking about his buddies when he said he’d lower taxes, not the general public. If he’s giving tax cuts to Big Corp, he’s going to need to get money from elsewhere to cover up the resulting debt. Given that the Republicans are greedy mofos, the end result is unsurprising.

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