It’s up to you, the younger generation!

As a former Republican, now Independent voter, it is very hard to defend what my former party stands for. What used to be a party that boasted fiscal stewardship with a little heart, now is fiscally narrow-minded and mean-spirited. There are three major themes that have emerged during the Trump version of this party, all […]

via Note to young folks – Republicans are leaving you holding the bag — musingsofanoldfart

7 thoughts on “It’s up to you, the younger generation!

  1. Thanks again for reblogging this. I have tried to communicate to my Senators, Congressman and others who might listen about the debt impact under this Tax Bill. The sad part is they are not listening to me or nonpartisan economic forecasters and are hell bent to pass an ill-conceived law. It is not too late to call or email your Representatives, but don’t get your hopes up. Keith

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