So what is up with Charlotte Tilbury??

I just got my March 2015 issue of Allure magazine, and was reading an article called “The Influencers”.  The first person profiled was Charlotte Tilbury, makeup artist of the moment. I enjoyed her story but was a bit put off by her “never being seen without makeup” comments.

I totally get that, as I look like a corpse without makeup, but I’m sure as hell not going to wear it to bed.   She said “I never go without makeup-ever”.  And that “I only take it off at night when the bathroom door is locked. Then I put it right back on and sleep in it.”

What!!?!?!?!?  I’ve been reading Allure for years, and really haven’t come across such a stupid statement.  You never want to wear your makeup to bed, especially not eye makeup.  That is the quickest way to get an eye infection.

My older (dumber) sister slept in her makeup for years.  I would always get after her about it. She was too lazy to wash her face, and thought that “well my mom has great skin, so I will too”.  Guess what dumbass sister, your skin looks like crap now smudge 2-26-15and you permanently jacked up your eyes.  My sister lives in a different state, so I didn’t see her real often.  She finally admitted some years ago that her tear ducts were permanently damaged and she had to use some sort of silicone inserts in her eyes. Yes, it was caused by years of sleeping in her mascara.

Charlotte is no spring chicken so she should know better.  I hope impressionable young woman don’t take her “never go without makeup” to heart.


8 thoughts on “So what is up with Charlotte Tilbury??

  1. I got my March Allure magazine yesterday but I didn’t had time to open it yet. ;)) That statement is silly although she is trying to say how much she loves make up and what she does but unfortunately she didn’t found the right words. ;))

  2. You are so hip! Haha, I was reading an article that said, “Going Out with No Makeup, Can You do It?” and the answer for me is yes. Why? Because makeup is not natural it’s meant to be there as an accent for your natural beauty. How can you love yourself if you don’t love your bare face? I love my bare face because I go back to what beauty I do have, flaws and all. I wrote a similar comment on the article and never got a response by the posters XD.

    • You are lucky to be able to go without make up. You have dark features so that is a plus. Me, well I’m copy paper white with a bare face, and would probably scare small children. I’m a good “before” photo with no make up. My eyebrows and eye lashes are blonde, I’m really ghostly looking. On the upside, if I wanted to commit a crime going without make up, no one would recognize me! lol!

      • Haha you are too funny! I love your sense of humor ♥ Although I know that there are some people who may feel like you, I feel it’s still needed to have a no makeup day and feel the natural beauty around you and within yourself.

      • I agree. I always get a chuckle when I see celebrities with no make up on. It is amazing what make up can do. But I have a really good attitude, which makes all the difference. If someone doesn’t like how I look with out make up, then just look away. It’s quite simply.

      • I agree I get the same amusement, but I love when celebs post their natural face because it reminds us that they are still women who also have flaws.

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