This is how much I love!

I was just checking my account and saw that I’ve been a subscriber since December 2011!  I knew that I had been getting my Glam bags for a few years, but didn’t realize just how long. How cool is that??

I just updated my profile and got a sneak peek at my March package, and I’m getting some great stuff!  I’ll review as soon as I get my pretty hot pink package!Ipsy Image



6 thoughts on “This is how much I love!

  1. I signed up for IPSY in November I believe and December was my second bag? I forgot, but I have to say even though there are some products that I don’t love, I always love trying out new things! Hence why I made a beauty blog. That’s crazy that you have been a subscriber since 2011, I can’t wait til I get up to that point in being a subscriber to IPSY (;

  2. I randomly just stumbled on your blog and found this post! I used to be a BirchBox subscriber but was unhappy with the items they sent. I’ve heard great things about ipsy and think that I might try it! Thanks you! I can’t wait to see what else you post in the future!

    Please feel free to follow my blog as well!

    • I’ve gotten so many good ones, and some real stinkers too. The best thing is I have discovered so many great new products that I might not have tried otherwise. I think my favorite bag was the one that had Josie Maran Argan oil in it. It’s my go to beauty product now.

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