Popeye’s breakfast

I’ve been trying to drop a few pounds before my upcoming vacation.  I tried on some shorts a few weeks ago, and they were tight to say the least. So I stepped up my diet and exercise routine.  I saw an article in a magazine telling me about a miracle spinach smoothie to help you lose weight.  I like spinach, never had it in a smoothie, but it sounded like it might work.

So last Tuesday I started on my spinach smoothie kick.  I replaced my usual breakfast with this jacked up Popeye drink.  It actually didn’t taste too bad.  Here are the ingredients: 2 cups of fresh spinach, 2 cups of water, a tablespoon of ground flax seed, a scoop of whey protein powder and a cup of frozen fruit.

While it tasted okay, it looked like something you would see in a kid’s diaper. Good lord, such an unnatural shade of green.  Now I have been a regular exerciser for years.  I changed my routine a bit and added weights.  I bought some new shoes for vacation and thought I would see how they looked with my shorts. Oh crappity crap crap! The damn shorts are tighter now than they were before. WTF?!?!?!?!?

I mean I’m eating like a monk, drinking V8, snacking on Greek yogurt with fresh fruit. Not a lot of meat.  I must have really done something to piss off the diet gods, because my ass is getting bigger! I barely drink, don’t smoke, I don’t even drink coffee. I exercise for five hours a week, and nothing.  I know your metabolism slows down when you get older, but mine has basically stopped.

Diet Fail 3-26-15I must say I do feel better with all the veggies and fruit I’m eating, though it would be nice to see a smaller me in the mirror.  Oh well, guess I won’t be posting too many vacation photos on Facebook.

6 thoughts on “Popeye’s breakfast

  1. I have been trying to gain weight since the beginning of time! It’s of no use. My eating habits resemble that of a pig yet my mirror shows me a stick when viewed from all angles. It’s just one of those situations where you can never win..

    • Just wait until you get older. I was skinny when I was your age and could eat anything. Just remember eating lots of crap really has an affect on your skin. My co-worker who is 4 years younger than me, looks 10 years older than me. She is always eating junk, and she’s skinny. Just something to think about.

  2. Maybe some of that extra weight lifting is bulking up your thighs? Keep up the healthy stuff if it makes you feel good, though. You will live long enough to eventually see a difference in the mirror. 😉

    • Thanks. My thighs are extremely jiggly right now. I’m actually dry brushing my body everyday to tighten things up. It’s worked for me in the past, I just haven’t been doing it long enough. I know I’ll never be skinny, which is okay, it’s the total lack of muscle tone that gets me. Darn menopause!

  3. There is so much conflicting info on losing weight. I have been reading a lot about it as I have been trying to shed 15 pounds for about … oh … ten years now. I have been told by friends and I have read that too much fruit is bad if you are after weight loss. The natural sugars will turn right to fat if the body doesn’t need it. Fruit is still important, and I eat it, but I cut down on it and replaced it with more veggies. I am going to try it and see what happens. I will let you know if it makes any difference at all! I used to eat what I wanted, and how much I wanted. Now, I’m scared to eat because it just puts weight on!

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