Make America What?

A sad but very true commentary on our society.

Aroil in Pain

I have been staying out of most political conversations for months. Today, While I was driving around the county, providing community mental health services to people who would be most negatively impacted by a Trump Presidency, I realized that the Trump campaign signs needed editing to more accurately reflect the affect of his campaign on the state of interpersonal relations in this country. When I got home, I decided to make my feelings on this subject crystal clear by designing this postage stamp.

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19 thoughts on “Make America What?

  1. So true. I cannot wait until Tuesday is over and things settle down. I’m Canadian and I’m actually dreaming about the American election… more of a nightmare, actually. I sincerely hope people get out there and vote. Young people, don’t be complacent, please please please.

    • I know! I don’t know how anyone would admit that they are an undecided voter at this point! Really?!?!? Life as we know it may change drastically in a Trump America. I’m 57, and love my country, but he’s just flat out batshit crazy!

  2. My problem is I honestly don’t know who to believe anymore. Recent research suggested that some of our major media conglomerates have been bought by the wealthiest Chinese businessmen…of this is true there it’s hard for me to believe there is not biased reporting….if it’s true.

  3. I don’t know. Sometimes one has to hit the bottom hard to learn a lesson. Maybe after such a disastrous election many Americans will become wiser. The same thing that is happening in the USA happened in my native country Italy with Silvio Berlusconi. He was a narcissistic self-centred multi billionaire that attracted many voters and became prime minister because of his wealth and control of the media until people became fed up with him and his antics when they saw through his mask. Now that he is gone Italians are wiser and more down to earth.

      • No nuclear war. He would loose all his money in a nuclear war and is too attached to material things for that to happen. A recession maybe but recessions comes and go irrespective of who is in charge. I think that he will provide a lot of job opportunities for caricaturists, comedians and clowns as Silvio Berlusconi did with his gaffes and megalomaniac egocentrism. His presidency will be a very funny show.

      • Funny yes, but devastating to us Americans who don’t share his views. The people he is filling his cabinet with will set us back 50 years. I’m not too far from retirement, and was finally starting to relax. Not anymore.

      • Relax. He will not last long. Politicians come and go. Besides he may get dementia before he finishes his term or be impeached. Life is made of ups and down and nothing is permanent. It’s the cycle of Yin and Yang. In my view now America indeed the world is too Yang (materialistic, masculine and aggressive) you can see my philosophy in my other blog. I use it to examine the present and future.

      • I can only encourage prayer. We have a GOD to call on. Obviously, we cannot depend on ourselves as a nation. I have never witnessed such government chaos. Hope is a good well wish. God, one GOD, absolute, almighty, can and will draw men to call on him. Thanks for your comment reply, comfedcontessa.

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