13 thoughts on “Ulta- You killing me! Ha!

  1. I am lucky, other than groceries, I do most of my shopping on line. No need to interrupt the holiday or rush out. Be well. Hugs

  2. I’m usually against this kind of thing on general principal, but if workers get double pay and have chosen to work that day (something that is often true) than I feel no guilt. It’s a win win for all! So, shop guilt free I say!

      • Well, I work in retail now. Some places do, more than likely, most don’t. It’s probably worse now. The place I work isn’t open on Thanksgiving and Christmas, thank God. What galls me is that people actually call the store and try to make appointments to get their makeup done on those days. I work at a cosmetics counter. When I tell them we’re not opened, they’re disgusted.

      • Dang, that’s sad. I’m glad the store you work at isn’t open on those holidays. I wrote Ulta a letter last year complaining about them being open on Thanksgiving. The response I got back was awful, the person was saying that Thanksgiving shouldn’t be a holiday as it represents Native Americans being slaughtered, she signed it Dakota. I complained again. That was so uncalled for. I spend a lot of money at Ulta every year, I was respectful with my complaint. Long story short, I got a $25 gift card out of the deal. I would rather they just be closed that day.

      • Wow. That’s juicy. Totally unprofessional. Not the time or the place to argue the controversial history of the holiday. While we’re at it, let’s argue about December 25th actually being holiday because it wasn’t actually Christ’s birthday. Let’s argue about how the holiday itself lines up with pagan rituals. I’m just sayin’. Let’s get real. Ulta employees aren’t working because Puritans slaughtered Native Americans. They’re working to line corporate pockets. You should’ve said that.

      • I couldn’t believe it actually. I told them I had been a customer for 10 years, and I spend over $1000 a year at their store. Besides they are selling make up after all. I said I expected the Wal-marts and Best Buys of the world to do that. It’s all just a big money grab.

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