24 thoughts on “Will The Media Stop Being Spineless When It Comes to Trump?

  1. I think the media will become less and less relevant and alternative media and public reporting (cell footage, social media etc) will take its place. The media can’t be trusted to report fairly when they are owned by corporations with corporate interests.

  2. This guy just got the most powerful seat there can be
    He is playing it for all its worth
    Time will tell if he can handle the power
    Of if he bites off more than he can chew
    I believe we are just going to have to be patient
    To see if he chokes

  3. Reading about Trump’s cabinet selections is both amusing and shocking. It’s amusing because when you don’t think it can get any worse, he considers hiring someone who not only disagrees with climate change but who is a seven day Adventist who denies evolution. Yes, that’s true! They still exist out there. And it’s horrifying for obvious reasons. So yeah, have a few beers. I think we all need them.

  4. The major networks are owned by top elites and control the information being fed to the world as “news”. More people are looking to alternative media/social media as Godless Cranium mentioned. Haven’t you heard CNN is Clinton Network News. 🙂

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