14 thoughts on “acceptance of new ideas — Scotties Toy Box-I’m so not a sheeple!

  1. I agree with the Respect element as this should be a no-brainer – sadly this does not always happen. I believe I am an intelligent woman, not a follower of the crowds, though I do have faith. However, like you, I would not wish to try and impose my beliefs on others, nor have theirs imposed on me. Respect for all is essential for us to live as close in harmony as we can.
    There is a book by Roger Pearman called “I’m not crazy, I’m just not you”. That sums it up for me, respecting and embracing each other’s differences.
    Have a lovely day 😊

  2. I too agree with with the respect ✊ for each other beliefs and opinions…

    We all have our own reasons for believing and agreeing with others think maybe right or not…

    We we were all taught differently by different parents and different cultures.. and we all react differently to how we are made to believe..,
    So respect ✊ please…

    Don’t think your way is the right way for everyone…
    it maybe be right for you…,
    And that is good 😊..

    But in my eyes.. and my beliefs ..
    it’s completely wrong for me…

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