Bell’s Palsy Update

Well it’s been a week since I came down with Bell’s palsy. It sucks big time.  My eye will barely close and I’m having a hard time eating.

I found out you really don’t want to eat caramel when half your face is paralyzed. Damn you vendors for bringing in Christmas goodies.

On the up side, I now know what I would look like if I got Botox, uh, give me back my wrinkles and my smile please.palsy-12-1-16

78 thoughts on “Bell’s Palsy Update

  1. You are such a brave and wonderful person. So many would have been crushed by this happening when it did, heck even happening at all. Yet you did not hide, you clearly set it out for all of us and you made me understand more than i did about this. Of course I want you better and to heal up as soon as possible, but I have to say I admire you for your ability to not let this get you down, to not let it destroy you. I think is grand you still have your sense of humor and your love of life. Be safe, be well as possible, hugs

  2. I’m so sorry you are going through this. As if there isn’t enough to be done each day. I hope you improve soon. Keep smiling even though it is a little lopsided, it’s a beautiful smile.

  3. Don’t worry it will go away, soon. I like how you add humor to the situation though. Lol. ” give me back my wrinkles and smile …” Keep being positive and appreciating your natural beauty.

  4. Had a friend who’d get this every few years. They gave him anti-inflammatory steroids, cortisone, I think, and after a week or two, it would clear up. It does suck i n the meantime, however, I’m sure. Hope you’re well soon. $Amen$

    • Thanks, this is my second go around. Probably the worst thing this week is I’m teaching three classes to high school students. It’s hard to be my funny self when you only see half my smile! That and the drooping part!

  5. The eye closing is the hardest for me. One day I taped my eyelid open…stupid…dry eye …don’t do it!!, but it did pass. Hoping you recover soon

  6. I appreciate your vulnerability in sharing this. It helps others. Hopefully, it will pass soon but in the meantime there is the blessing that it fits well with your sassy web presence.

  7. I totally feel for you! I remember one time when my mouth got hit and looked lopsided. It took about two weeks to heal completely. I hope you get better soon I’m rooting for you 😊

  8. OH my goodness! I am so sorry you have to deal with that 😦 But you described it all in such a humorous way… I hope that it all gets resolved soon. What an absolutely crazy thing Bells Palsy is, right?!

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