Time to Focus on Trump and Stop Demonizing Hillary — Lloyd Lofthouse

Originally posted on Diane Ravitch’s blog: I planned to post this as a comment but it grew into a full-blown post. One of our daily readers, named Joe, voted for Bernie in the primaries but then supported Hillary in the general election. He wrote a comment a few hours ago urging other readers to…

via Time to Focus on Trump and Stop Demonizing Hillary — Lloyd Lofthouse

23 thoughts on “Time to Focus on Trump and Stop Demonizing Hillary — Lloyd Lofthouse

  1. Thank you for the link for this post. I agree. The other thing I keep saying is that even if you did not vote for trump, if you let fake news and talked about pretend crimes done by Hilary keep you from voting for her, you in effect voted for trump. IF you voted third party knowing that the only two how could possibly win were Hillary or Trump, you voted for trump. If you voted against your interest as a way to not vote for the repeatedly voice and totally wrong corruptions of the Clintons and so therefore did not vote for Hillary, you voted for trump. You were willing to screw yourself and everyone else because you felt morally Hillary was worse than Trump, you first did not bother to research Hillary compared to Trump instead listened to far right wing news sources, you did hurt yourself and everyone else. If what you wanted was what you got, enjoy. The rest of us are scared. The rest of us now have to fight to keep the civilised society we had. Be well. Hugs

    • So well said Scottie. I’m still amazed how people were swayed by all of the fake news stories. I do believe the FBI coming after her 10 days before the election had a huge impact. Trump is such a pig, and I truly believe Hillary being a woman had an impact also. I don’t know how people couldn’t even bother to vote. Nice statement they were making. I’m sure they will be the first ones to complain when everything goes to shit.

      • Me too. I think my recent health issues have been related to this election. I’m trying to be positive, but every day Trump does something else outrageous. This latest thing with China is unbelievable.

      • Again agreed. I am sorry it is affecting you like this. But it is nice to know that is is not just me, that others also are worried. PLease know I care, be well. Hugs

      • Me also. I know your issues and how fragile your situation is. I just hope Ryan and his ilk do NOT get their way with the money so many need just to live. Not to live well, but to just live. It is a hard time we live in when billionaires and their hold one decide that the poorest of us need nothing to live, as they don’t see themselves as us , nor do most even carry a wallet with money. Hugs

      • It’s beyond disgusting. I’ve been paying into Medicare and Social Security for 45 years. I want it to stay solvent. If the cap on payroll taxes were lifted, we wouldn’t be in this mess. Both Social Security and Medicare aren’t entitlements. We as working people have funded it for years.

      • Yes I agree. However the ones in congress and the ones higher up… they don’t need it. They think they would have more in their hedge fund if you did not get your small amount. SO … they take and you suffer. It is the same with me and others. I fight to get disability after my body nearly died and it was proven I can not work. IF not for suddenly being able to get married I would have lost my health care and died. I can eat , live, have heat, and food , and other things like internet due to my long term lover and now husband working four or more 12 hour shifts at the hospital. It has been almost three years and we have still not had a hearing. When I complained I got told what is your problem, you have a support system and you are not needing food. They don’t see what we gave up, what things we cut out of our lives, what my husband gave up when I couldn’t work and he would rather I live than have my death benefit. Sorry to rant but this hurts me , it really does.

      • Oh I forgot to mention he has had a small stroke, a heart attack, he has M.S. and he is going on 62 years old.. How is any of this fair to him. Hugs

      • I’m sure there are a lot of people who feel the same. My husband keeps saying that what is happening won’t really affect us, I’m 57 and was looking forward to my retirement, now I’m not so sure.

    • I actually read an article where Sarah Palin was criticizing Trump for the Carrier deal. I’m from Indianapolis, so I can relate. Giving tax breaks to corporations who already don’t pay that much in income taxes is wrong. The taxpayers will be paying for this and not even realize how then have been played.

  2. You mean that it’s time to start laughing to bellyache about Donald Trump and all the stupid things that he will do and say. What is happening in the USA has happened in Italy with Silvio Berlusconi, also a narcissistic megalomaniac multibillionairethat up to recently was prime minister for two terms. This is why Trump is called Donalvio Trumpusconi in Italy and some photos of Silvio Berlusconi have appeared in the internet showing him with the red hairdo of Trump on his head. In short it will be a good time for caricaturists, comedians, satirists and clowns from all over the world who will take every opportunity to make fun of him in their works As it happened with Berlusconi Trump’s term it will be an hilarious comedy show. As the proverb says “The higher the monkey climbs up on the tree the more it will show its backside.” This means that from now on everybody will be able to see Trump’s buttocks in more details.

    • Thanks for the insight. I don’t think our country could survive two terms of Trump. They people he’s appointing to his cabinet are truly scary. I do believe this administration will set our country back many years. We all know he’s a clown dumb ass, but he’s going to be leader of the free world, your prime minister was not. I think we have way more to lose.

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