Frizz Free Finally-Zero Frizz review

Happy Sunday!  I think I may have finally found a solution for my frizzy hair.  I have naturally curly, super dry, fine hair. As I’ve been in menopause for eight years, it has gotten out of control.  Like it’s a good thing I don’t smoke, as my hair is a serious fire hazard!

I’ve been contemplating cutting may hair all off, because I just can’t make it look right.  I wear my hair up most of the time. I’m constantly switching up my hair care, looking for anything that will make the frizz go away. Not to mention I’ve spent a ton of money. It’s very frustrating.

Here’s my usual hair-frizzy, curly mess.


Fire hazard!

Here’s me after using   Zero Frizz Conditioner   and  Zero Frizz Keratin Smoothing shampoo. I bought the shampoo and conditioner for only $1.98 each at Bed, Bath and Beyond.  I think it’s being discontinued. Some BBB’s have awesome health and beauty products.  Of course, I find something I like, and now I can only buy it online. I also used Sally Hershberger Curvaceous Curl Perfection Cream  for $10 USD.  It worked great in my curls, and is a heat protector. I let my hair dry naturally, then straightened  it with Simply Straight Straightening Brush which I purchased at BBB six months ago.


Not too shabby for four day hair

I’m still suffering from Bell’s Palsy, so this is as much as I can smile right now. I went to BBB today and bought up all the rest of the Zero Frizz shampoo and conditioner they had. I now have 6 bottles of shampoo and 2 bottles of conditioner. I only wash my hair twice a week, so I’m guessing this should last me for awhile.

If anyone knows of a similar product that does the same thing, please let me know.

Thanks for stopping by.



17 thoughts on “Frizz Free Finally-Zero Frizz review

    • I have to say that is about the only thing I like about my hair. Wearing my hair up all the time makes me feel like an old lady. But I’m too lazy to really do anything with it during the week.

  1. First, I have to say that I wish I had some of your curls. My hair is also superfine, and a similar color to yours, but it is straight and limp as can be. It just won’t hold a curl. I can roll it up overnight, or hit it with hair gel and curling irons, and when the slightest bit of damp or humidity hits it, I’m back to limp and flat. Back in the 80’s I was stuck with Jan Brady hair, that was not a good thing. I’ve learned to put up with it since.

    With menopause, I got two spots at my temples that, while not exactly going gray, changed texture and became frizzy and unmanageable. Not curly, just super tangly. Two things have helped – first a hot oil treatment before shampooing, then afterwards I hit those spots with a little Moroccan oil (argan oil). Once I comb that through, the frizz and tangles are gone.

    I actually got that tip about Argan oil from composer Eric Whitacre!

  2. Hello Contessa. I know we never see ourselves as others see us. I know Ron and others tell me I look better with my hair and beard one way and I know I look better with them another way. I also know it is important for us to be comfortable with the parts of us we feel should be different. I am glad you found products to achieve the look you wish.

    That said! I really want to say you are grand with either look. I personally love the first picture of you, I love the curly hair and the way it says “can do attitude”. I also think you are very pretty in the second picture. I do not think your current medical situation matters in the picture as you have a quality that comes through anyway. A joy of spirit, a feeling of adventure and self worth. However you should have your hair as you wish.

    My problem is my hair is it is very fine, and I wash it every day as I don’t like it not controlled, but when it dries it will basically do what it wants. It tangles so bad I had Ron get me conditioner. We are on the third different one. The conditioners I used in the past were milky liquid and worked great. These new ones are a paste. They leave me feeling my hair needs to be washed again. Ron says it looks great and feels silky, I tell him it feel oily to me. But as that is what I have to do to get a brush through it, I will put up with it. Ron is going to cut my hair again tomorrow. He has cut my hair for 26 plus years. He tends to cut it the way he thinks it should look and that has a few times lead to tears and unhappiness. He does ask now, but still, I am now past the age of long hair on a man. I now keep it relatively short. I would prefer a 1970’s feathered look, but now it is more the shorter version that is easier to care for. Well again anyway you want it is grand, you are beautiful either way. Hugs

  3. I think the natural state of your hair looks great. It’s good you mentioned the products so that others can find them, as they don’t seem to have much name recognition.

  4. I wash my hair every morning, and I use lots of conditioner (I have curly hair and I have to detangle it with conditioner). I think this is the probably the reason why my hair doesn’t frizz.

    Oh, but I have a L’Oreal spray-on / leave-in conditioner which is supposed to make hair extra smooth and keep it frizz-free. I use it when I have to detangle a knot (or a nest) during the day. It works on dry hair without making it feel gresy or weighing it down. You should check your local drugstores, maybe there’s a similar product you can use. If you find a spray conditioner, just use it in the morning on your dry hair and see how it goes. 🙂

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