Climate change deniers — The Entertainment Patrol (and general musings)

I read a very interesting article this evening from the Guardian that underlined the very real and very frightening reality that there are still many people whom haven’t come to grips with or who still refuse to acknowledge that climate change is a real and hugely problematic thing. Some of them follow the Donald Trump argument that […]

via Climate change deniers — The Entertainment Patrol (and general musings)

9 thoughts on “Climate change deniers — The Entertainment Patrol (and general musings)

  1. Some people just believe that things won’t really ever change. They are fooling themselves. This planet has been through extreme climates they cannot imagine. We could tip it into another.

  2. Climate change is very evident in all corners of the globe today. The world’s condition is getting worst by the hour. It’s undeniable that only those with muted senses would deny what was happening.

  3. cornfedcontessa you wonderful lady, what I think you are not seeing is … the planet will still be here. The planet has withstood huge events beyond our real understanding. Sadly what life will be gone is ours. Humans time on this planet will go the way of the dinosaurs. That is the point most people fail to understand. They think if they fail, the planet fails. Not so , far many lifeforms will still remain and will rise up to take our place. So if we want to live and prosper then we need to start to understand this fact. We need to keep the environment that gave rise to us and gave us an advantage. We need to stop thinking the planet will die to instead say , hey we humans will die. The thing we need to ask is what environment do we humans need? And then work to keep that. Sadly religion is working against us. Be well. Hugs

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