Limoncello — The Militant Negro™

Originally posted on lovefromitaly: Limoncello… this quintessentially Italian, sweet, aromatic liqueur is incredibly easy to make at home. Who would have thought? All you need is: 1 liter of food grade alcohol (if you can’t get this then strong vodka like Smirnoff blue label may work but it won’t be the same) 5 or 6…

via Limoncello — The Militant Negro™

10 thoughts on “Limoncello — The Militant Negro™

    • When we had it this Summer, a German man had made it. OMG! It was amazing! My husband got so drunk on it he puked on their grill cover! Ha! He was so hung over. I’m the designated driver so he can do that. He paid for it for about a week after, and called his friend to apologize. It was pretty funny. The German was who the retirement party was for. Lots of great food and Spotted Cow on tap.

  1. In the last decade from being unknown to most Limoncello has become very popular due to marketing. When I was a kid it wasn’t popular in Italy and never served in restaurants perhaps only in bars, but I can’t remember ever having seen it in the bars of Florence or Milan where I lived. Except in the region of Naples from where it originates but even there I don’t think that it was served in restaurants as an after meal digestive. It’s one of the many liqueurs can be easily be made at home and in such case if made with good ingredients such as organic lemons it’s much better than the commercial ones. Moreover it’s alcoholic strength and sweetness and degree of lemon taste can be regulated. It’s quite nice but a tastier one can be made with tangerines, in my view the best, or other citrus fruits such as clementines instead of lemons or even rosewater. With Smirnoff? OK but it’s not the same thing. Since we are in the subject of food and drink let me advertise my food website if you don’t mind

  2. Thank you. I have never had it, but I asked Ron about it ( Ron owned a bar in Vermont ) and he asked me to print the recipe. Maybe soon I will get to taste this wonderful elixir. Hugs

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