96 thoughts on “Yeah! I have 1000 followers!

  1. So happy to hear. Please share your thoughts on a few of our stories at Gastradamus. Please check out Queen Kong and I…Blue Jasmine…and Miss Scarlet. They will be worth your time. To have a blogger with that many followers to comment would boost my ego and confidence

  2. It’s quite an achievement and you definitely deserve it. It must be embarrassing though to have 1000 people following you in the street when you go shopping.

  3. You can now count one more. I gave my daughter-n-law the heads up about you and your site. Now, I have to send her your posts via my blog’s Facebook page. She can best be described as the Apex Predator of fashion and shopping. I gave her a shopping trip to NY for her birthday one year and let her take a friend. The knock-off shops in china town have now barred for life the entire Thompson family ! Peace, Marshall

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