Caption Art Screens-Nail Stamping Kit by Young Nails

Happy Saturday!  OMG!  I love this new nail stamping kit I picked up from Ulta. Caption Art Screens Nail Stamping Kit  I picked up Party Squad for $14.99.  It has  12 different designs and everything you need to stamp away.  I had bought a Essence Nail stamping kit a while back, and it was total junk.

This kit is crazy cool and super easy to use. This is only the second time I’ve tried nail stamping, but I’ll be doing this more often for sure. Everything in the kit seems to be high quality.   I used a lint roller to clean up between stamps.  One thing to remember with stamping is you have to clean the stamper, plate and swiper card between each finger.

I used the two Revlon Top Speed colors in Hazy and Fire.





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30 thoughts on “Caption Art Screens-Nail Stamping Kit by Young Nails

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    • So what’s a no buy again? LOL! Ulta is five minutes from my house, and they are always sending me coupons, like daily. I just bought a Laura Geller gift set that was valued at $173 for $24. I go there twice a week, so I may have a problem. LOL! It’s that they are always sending me these emails to get free stuff with a purchase. I’ll go and buy some Essence nail polish for $1.99 and be on my way. The Essence polish is really good I must say. They don’t have a lot of colors, but for the price you can’t go wrong, and it stays on really well.

      • Oh no, 5 1/2 months? I would be having serious withdrawals. I have a drawer in my dresser full of beauty products. I went to Bed Bath and Beyond on black Friday and had a 20% off coupon for everything. I had a ton of manufacturers coupons, and saved a over $50. The cashier said he had never seen a receipt as long as mine! BBB has a great health and beauty dept., with many prices being the cheapest I’ve found.

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