Water Wise – 2 easy ways to reduce your water use (and save a few dollars too)

This is really important for you folks in California!

Sunny Sleevez


  • In the shower, turn off the water. Wet hair and body, turn off shower head, then lather up head and body, turn on water to rinse. Most shower heads use 2-3 gallons of water per minute so even turning the shower off for 30-60 seconds whilst you apply soap/shampoo/shower gel can add up to as much as 500 gallons a year per person!
  • Shampoo once and rinse. The “shampoo-twice” instruction probably came from manufacturers who wanted to sell more shampoo, excessive shampooing can remove too much of the natural oils (sebum) from the hair which is necessary to maintain the hair in its comfortable acid/base environment (pH), especially if you do it on a daily basis. Rinsing twice also uses twice the water GET READY FOR SUMMER CAMP SUN PROTECTION SUN SHRUG SUN SLEEVES

Do you have any water saving tips to share?

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