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Don’t Fret!

So true!

Orlando Espinosa

If life isn’t working out the way you planned, don’t fret! It’s just life telling you to stay calm and let life happen! don't fret orlando espinosa

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My Top Tips On Getting Your Article Published In A Magazine…

Great tips!

 Top Tips On Getting Your Article Published In Magazines

A few weeks ago I invited you lovely lot to ask me any questions you might have that I don’t usually cover in my regular posts… you’s certainly didn’t disappoint in your range of colourful questions! However one of my blog buddies, the lovely Stephie of Stephie Estie, asked if I had any hints or tips on how to get an article published in a Magazine. Now although I could literally ‘vlog or blog’ a complete mini series on the subject I thought it was much more simple to keep things short, sweet and oh so compact by sharing a few of my top tips on the subject.

Having been self-employed as a bridal wear retailer; working alongside some of the Wedding Industries top glossy magazines was always an exciting part of my daily routine. Designing advertisements, editing copy & working to tight deadlines was often the bulk of many a…

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For Our Unique Children…

So very true!

But I Smile Anyway...

When I read this for the first time, it hit a nerve, so close to my heart. I printed it off, and put it in my classroom at the time.
All children are unique, they grow into unique adults. If they were all to achieve the same successes, and excel at everything they did, what a boring world we would live in … It’s good that some kids are good at maths, or literacy, and others are great in sport, or the arts. We need those strong in the sciences too, but they don’t have to be top in everything!
Equally we shouldn’t compare them… Two best friends might be polar opposites, academically, and in personality, but their two different halves, make a fantastic whole… Don’t spoil it by comparing them, and playing one off the other, so their friendship inevitably suffers…

Let’s love our children for what they are…

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Healthy Eating Cost Savings Tips

Great tips! Thanks for sharing.

Dream Big, Dream Often

My mind cannot get off of the excuses I received Tuesday as it relates to healthy eating.  The one that sticks out as somewhat legit is the idea that healthy eating is expensive.  I can attest to the fact that eating healthy takes time and preparation and buying lots of fresh fruits and veggies can be a little more expensive than Ramen Noodles, but I still refuse to accept this as a legitimate reason to eat crap food.

My opinion is firm and resolute: healthy eating is the biggest sign that you respect yourself.  If you can do better, you should do better.  If you are capable of putting fruit in your mouth as opposed to cake, then you should.  Period.  I will never relent on this point.  If you eat because of emotional reasons and this causes you to be obese, then you must speak to a health care…

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