My Lovebugs

Happy Saturday!  Christmas is right around the corner.  If you are thinking of getting a pet, please adopt, don’t shop.  Above are our two rescues, Teddy and Peanut.  Teddy is 7 and Peanut is 11. We had a purebred collie for 12 years.  She was a good dog, just not very affectionate.

Our two dogs couldn’t be more affectionate.  I do believe they are grateful that they were rescued.  We love them to pieces.  Shelters are full of dogs and cats that are looking for loving homes.  Won’t you open up your heart and home to one of these delightful creatures?

Thanks for stopping by, and have a great weekend.teddy-peanut-11-5-16


48 thoughts on “My Lovebugs

  1. We adopted our mini aussie in 2009, and a pitbull last year, from the shelter. We pitied the pitbulls there who weren’t being adopted. Our pitbull turned out to be the sweetest thing, contrary to the bad rap its breed is getting. In fact, I think she’s too needy, always jumping on us and licking, and looking out the window long after we’ve left the house.

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  3. Adopt don’t shop, indeed! I got my cat from right outside – well almost. Her mother was a stray and had her kittens on the neighbour’s porch. He took care of the 2 kittens for 3 months and then I took Smokey in. My family have taken in strays since I was a kid though. It’s very rewarding watching former strays reach their full potential and knowing you helped make that possible.

  4. I have three Labradors. Lovely Lucy and Abby the Labby Number Nine were bought locally, though not from puppy mills, and they are so sweet. I had just lost my chocolate Labrador when I was called looking for a emergency foster home for him. Within an hour, I knew I had to adopt him; he’s the first adult dog I’ve brought into my home. I can’t imagine a sweeter dog; mostly I can’t imagine how two families had neglected him before he entered my life. I have since fostered other dogs and gotten them adopted. If you don’t want to add a forever dog to your family, consider fostering.

  5. Your dogs are so lucky you found them! I never fully understood just how awful it is for dogs who are forced to breed in those puppy mills until I watched a program about it recently; pure neglect and no care for the poor doggies who are literally chained and needing love, care and attention. Thank you for sharing

  6. We have a little rescue here too. And I agree with you, the affection we get from her is something else. I would most likely never head to a breeder again but rather adopt a pet. There are so many out there and what breaks my heart is to see how many old cats and dogs end up in kennels.

      • I understand that it might occur when their owners pass away or get sick and are no longer able to look after them. But I don’t understand that nobody would take them in. Or adopt them. I had this conversation with my husband about it a couple of days ago and I told him that the day we look for another dog and there is an older dog we would like in the kennel we will adopt it. And not not do it because of the age. Even if the dog is barely alive. If you put your mindset in the right place you can deal with it and offer them a good home for their remaining time.

      • That is so kind of you. We are planning on doing the same thing when the time comes. If I can make a dog’s last days more enjoyable, so be it. I wish more people thought like us.

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