Scope Of Democracy’s Loss

This really sums it up for me as to what is happening in the United States.

Tammy Mezera


The Scope of Democracy’s Loss


The Presidency

The House

The Senate

Republican Nomination of Conservative Only Justices in US Supreme Court


Our checks and balance system, with the Republican controlled branches, may falter. This isn’t a time to ‘just get over it’. This is a time to declare accountability for an open democracy, for all people. This is a dictatorship of Republican Party and its own special interests. This isn’t just about Trump, this is about America being changed forever without the proper checks and balances in place to uphold a democratic process for all minorities, vulnerable groups, and opposing factions challenging the Republican party. Our Democracy is at stake for the next four years.

This is why when moving forward, each of us need the solid support and advocacy in place to oppose repression. While we have previously had a Democrat/Republican controlled congress/Presidency  before, I do not…

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14 thoughts on “Scope Of Democracy’s Loss

  1. Oh you didn’t hear Steve Bannon will be Minister of Propaganda, I mean communications director. This is bad and I find it interesting he told the cameras this morning that President Obama is a good man just days before he called him a bad man… not good!

  2. This is devastating. I’m not even American and this really shook me. It’s not just Trump, it’s who he will surround himself with that’s so concerning. Pence is positively insane! I truly hope there will be some balancing force out there.

    • Yes she it. Think what you may of her, but she is more qualified, dignified and a peace keeper. She knows how to deal with world leaders. He gets all bent out of shape over how he’s portrayed on a TV show. Trump doesn’t have the temperament to be the leader of the free world. He’s too thin skinned. My balls are bigger than his, and I’m a woman.

      • To be honest, I don’t know if Trump will be a good president or now. I am glad that Hillary is not President.
        Sitting across the ocean, in South Asia, I do believe that people like her have done much to harm this region.
        Papers like ‘The Economist’ still love her, and I can see why – she is very ‘corporate’ if I can use that term. They cannot handle any one who is different.

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