30 thoughts on “The Monster in the Room — Praying for Eyebrowz-The Trump in the room

  1. It seems no matter how determined I am to ‘Give him a chance’ he’s prepared to show me just what his aspirations as your leader are from just his appointments. It’s to be an all white America with marginalised minorities either registered or maybe stuck in internment camps.
    He prefers the company of bigots and racists and maybe even Russian Presidents who definitely don’t have the best interests of America at heart.Women can be easily dismissed as relevant, The Gay Community may find their weddings made null and void, who knoows maybe being gay will become illegal in the current climate.
    This morning I hear he’s pre-empted the possibility of being announced a criminal at the start of his term in office by settling a $25M fraud claim out of court.
    Is there anyone left who thinks there hasn’t been a huge mistake made?

    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

    • The whole administration needs to go and those that aren’t sure, be told it was a huge joke that went wrong. No more Republicans until they make a lot of changes. Maybe a quick change to the laws and bring Obama for a third term to allow for elections to be prepared again. Stop Congress and the House from blocking any of his bills just to p*ss them off.
      xxx Hugs xxx

  2. PS- In answer to David Prosser, my good friend, the US is in the most perilous state ever. He actually lost the election. But that doesn’t matter, he won the hearts of bigots here, and who knew they were so organized and so numerous?
    So, what is the US going to be? The Fourth Reich? And will the citizens who didn’t vote for him be judged by the world for his actions? It happened in Germany with a democratic election, and the German people who didn’t vote for Hitler, thought it was just an abberrant mistake. It would correct itself.

    • I hope like hell history does not repeat itself. But the mere fact many Trump supporters don’t have a grasp on reality is truly frightening. Every day it’s some new hate crime being committed against his targets. I’m ashamed to be an American right now.

    • Even if he’s impeached Cindy you’ll lurch from crisis to crisis because the Vice Prez is just a bad. An educated(?) man in this day and age who believes sending bolts of electricity through gay people will cure them. The man i a certifiable lunatic. And now all he appointments that are being made where the person in the post is about as polar opposite to what the job requires.- Environment, a climate change denier, Chief of Staff, Islamaphobe, White Supremacist. Nutters all !
      Those who voted against him can’t be blamed, they officially won. Only the archaic system can be blamed that allowed certain people to override the popular vote. I hope they have a conscience.
      xxx Massive Hugs xxx

      • I’m from Indiana and marched in a women’s rights rally back in April because of Mike Pence. Who would have ever thought he would be where he now. It’s ironic as my niece who asked me to come down from Wisconsin and march in the rally didn’t even vote. She had a Mike Pence must go sign in her yard that was constantly being torn down. I told her she has no right to complain about anything since she didn’t vote.

  3. Great post, that image totally nails it. Terrified to see what happens next, at this point in history. But now is definitely the time where it’s more important than ever to speak up, and fight for a better future.

    • Thanks! Trump is going to set our country back 50 years. I have a teenage son who has his whole life ahead of him. Trumps’s America is already turning into a frightening place. Thanks for stopping by.

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  5. I thank you for this. I reblogged it, however I did not add anything. I don’t feel I can say anything better or add any more mence than this cartoon already shows. Hugs

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