Please help animals in need in the United States

I’m a huge animal lover.  I grew up with pets and currently have two rescue pups.  Please give whatever you can.  I signed up for the $10 a month subscription.  This will provide 400 meals per month for shelter animals waiting for their forever homes. You can give $2 which will provide 80 meals per month, or can do a one time donation.rescue

Thank you.

The Animal Rescue Site-Greater Good

Giving Tuesday Food Drive to Help Animals

Item # 80321



7 thoughts on “Please help animals in need in the United States

  1. We have 2 dogs and they both came from animal shelter. One is a pittbull that no one wants to adopt. She turns out to be the sweetest thing,…. in fact, she’s very needy ^__^ She always wants to be petted. And she likes people, even strangers. I think the negative reputation of pitbulls comes from the owners. Because she is loved by us, human beings, she now thinks other people love her too. ^_^ She’s now a useless guard dog. lol

  2. Hi, we share a love for all animals and it is people like us who will eventually, and slowly but surely change people’s perception about the way the world treats its animals. I get many phone calls from charities asking for help but my decision sometime ago to only support animal charities, means that I am able to send regular donations to them. Some people are affronted when I say I won’t give to the children’s hospital or the deaf society etc etc but it is my decision and my money. I bless you for saving your two dear little dogs. I have two ageing cats at the moment and wouldn’t be without them. My hope is for a better deal for farmed animals especially the horrendous cruelty that is fostered upon their innocent heads. I live in Australia and there are many people like us looking for a better life for animals everywhere. I like this quote from Mahatma Gandhi – “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated”. If you would like to see some happy farm rescue animals check our It always cheers me up.

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