OMG! It’s more frightening than we thought!

tRump’s main goal is to destroy our way of life.  Regulations be damned, clean air, who needs it!  Same goes for water.  It’s all about how much money he and his cronies are going to make off of the U.S. citizens.

This is a useful record of the extraordinary steps taken by Trump during his first days in office. During the campaign, we learned that it was difficult to react to an outrageous statement because it was quickly succeeded by yet another one. Now, we find that each outrageous executive action is followed by yet another […]

via “Lawyers for the Good” Summarize Trump’s First Week in Office — Diane Ravitch’s blog

30 thoughts on “OMG! It’s more frightening than we thought!

  1. Now that he has everyone tired out from all the needed protesting he will come down with level two disruptive stuff. We survived level one barely, now we face the strain of even more in level two. Earth help us, we need it. Hugs

  2. Tessa– what was the name of that nail jell you told me about that strengthened your finger nails? I went to amazon to order it and then couldn’t find where I saved your post. Sorry. Hugs

  3. The best excuse ever to donate to the ACLU. They are going to litigate lots of his activities in the time he is president. Hope he makes a major error that gets him tossed out of office…soon!

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