My Big Fat German Closet

I started a new job this week! Yeah! I’m so happy to be away from my former job.  It’s so refreshing to come to work and everyone is nice and it’s a positive atmosphere. As I was perusing my closet for my first day outfit, I had an epiphany.  OMG! Do I have a ton of clothes! I can wear jeans to work, which is great, but I have way too much stuff.

Five years ago I lost almost 60 pounds, so I went out and bought a whole new wardrobe.  That was also the same time I discovered shopping at Goodwill.  I can’t believe how many flipping clothes I have. The great thing about Goodwill is that I have a banging wardrobe for very little money.  I’m not one to wear the latest fashions, but I really don’t need to buy another piece of clothing for, like ever.

I have every color of clothing imaginable, ok, not chartreuse, but every other color.  I think I counted twenty pairs of jeans!  I use to go to Goodwill every weekend, now I hardly ever go, except to donate stuff. I like to look nice, and my style is pretty casual.  Now I’m all about accessories and nail polish.

Looking for a different job is so exhausting.  I actually found my new job on Craigslist. It is truly amazing how much a miserable job takes out of you. I look forward to picking out my next day outfit for work instead of spending hours looking for a new job.Happy-Dance 5-7-15

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