America Is Imploding

This Aussie chap makes some really valid points.



The economy.

The lack of scientific understanding, the ignoring of climate change etc.

The natural disasters which seem to be increasing in frequency and intensity.

The unbelievable attitude towards guns, which in itself is partly responsible (largely responsible) for the increasing number of mass shootings – the latest one in South Carolina which involved racial hatred….

…and racial hatred. White cops shooting black people on the regular, black on black crime etc. FBI statistics on US crime are startling, look them up.

Racial hatred, poverty and ready access to guns is a recipe dreamt up in the deepest depths of Hell, created to stir up the most delicious dish of national catastrophe.

I predict that the United States of America will not last until the year 2050. It’s sad, really. The USA has been the world’s greatest superpower since the 1940s. You’ve given us most of the greatest things the…

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